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Doneraile Care Home

About Doneraile Care Home

Doneraile is a family run home established in 1959, offering accommodation consisting of mainly en-suite single rooms, beautifully decorated and tastefully furnished. All rooms are provided with a television point and a nurse call system. We have a large passenger lift and chairlifts for access for all rooms.

Qualifications of Registered Provider, Manager and Staff.

Doneraile is a family run home, the registered service providers being Mrs. Karen and Mr. Graham Jones. In addition to the registered providers, the home employs three senior care staff, 12 care assistants (full time / part time), two cooks and two domestic staff. Most of our carers live in the town are are familiar with it, which is help to the residents. There is always one care staff member available through the night, and another member of staff will be sleeping on the premises on call.

The home is fully committed to staff learning and development. The three senior care staff hold level 3 NVQs and eight care staff hold level 2 NVQs, with our aim to having over 50% of our care staff with an NVQ qualification.

Key Contract Terms - Admission, Occupancy, Termination of Contract.

When people move in, they have a four week trial period built into their contract of admission to decide whether "this is the place for them". This provides an opportunity for staff to get to know the individual resident and their family and to identify their wants and preferred way of living, e.g. the time they like to get up in the morning and go to bed at night.

During this period the persons care and support requiremnets are also assessed of any risk to which the resident or staff may be exposed as a result of making their own decisions. It also includes discussion, with the agreement of the residents, with any relative or representatives who may be involved about the person's care needs and plans. The aim is to achieve a plan of care with which everyone involved is happy.

Doneraile Care Home

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